Embracing challenge for a new adventure

By Marine Derambure, 27 September 2018

While starting a career can be a source of anxiety, it can also be life-changing and open new horizons.

As a recent Graduate Corporate Communications Assistant for Return To Scene, I appreciated change and learn from unexpected territories, to hone new skill sets, and explore an exciting career path in communications and technology.

The company’s development of cutting-edge technologies and its expansion to new markets and regions have offered the excellent opportunity to adapt to an ever-changing environment, requiring us to develop a comprehensive set of platforms.

Welcoming challenge

My first eight months at Return To Scene taught me that change brings challenge, and challenge unlocks opportunities.

Return To Scene has been developing its communications strategies to demonstrate its leadership in visualisation, software and the digitalisation of industry. Digital communications became critical, and the company has recently focused on the construction of a new website and the implementation of a new social media strategy dedicated to R2S’ end users.

Our communications strategy is, therefore, aiming at triggering meaningful conversations with our users to display how R2S is benefiting our clients. In other words, there is a lot on the table. And we must quickly generate innovative and effective ideas, to follow the company’s ambitions.

Today, I am thrilled to assist in these multiple projects as they have inspired me to leave my comfort zone and employ new skill sets. My role has been to investigate new content and strategies enabling us to reach our goals. But, how should you proceed when you don’t have an extensive background in energy and technology? The answer is: be in charge of your adventure. Don’t be afraid and go out there to look for answers and come up with your ideas.

As my line manager, Claire Fleming, has encouraged me to think out of the box, I was granted a great chance to experience unfamiliar environments – an enriching approach boosting daily work and professional development.

By running meetings with the BD and RD teams, revisiting brand guidelines, presenting our business on stands and networking, I have been able to embrace new challenges. And this to explore and suggest original content for representing the international influence and passion of our forward-thinking organisation.

As I have been discovering the multifaceted quality of communications and technology, I have realised that pushing boundaries is critical to offer tangible solutions and enhance your professional development – an attitude appreciated at Return To Scene.

Investigating unexplored territories

However, it is worth mentioning corporate communications are not limited to the digital sphere. You must also consider other aspects where you could use effective communication, to bring positive business impact – and this is making the R2S experience even more exciting!

Right from my first week, I had the chance to delve into other critical elements of the corporate world. By working on regional, national and international press releases, I have been able to gain significant insight into public relations and a broader knowledge of the press process. I have likewise been able to enhance my business acumen by drafting business awards applications and developing corporate social responsibility plans. Assisting in internal communications has also been an opportunity to ensure the creation of a cohesive culture and foster staff engagement. Finally, the training opportunities played an essential role in furthering knowledge and gaining new competencies. From a Google digital marketing certification to digital entrepreneurship, Return To Scene has been offering a great chance to broaden my mind and investigate new possibilities by learning from unfamiliar territories – aspects which have not only enriched my work but also allowed to explore my own professional potential.

I am extremely grateful to my colleagues at Return To Scene as their continued support has been offering me the opportunity to acquire diversified knowledge and skills, feel more confident and form a clearer picture of my future career in communications and business.To me, Return To Scene is a company encouraging you to embrace challenge and explore possibilities, unleash your potential and embark on your own professional adventure.

Change can bring positives and progress; you just need to embrace it.

Marine Derambure is corporate communications assistant at Return To Scene. Find her on LinkedIn.